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Escorts-in-mumbai Relax yourself and get ready to come to our spa. You can call us directly to the above mobile number and be free to share your thoughts regarding the massage.



Nuru massage is essentially a massage that involves the female masseuse being naked. It involves the process of the female exfoliating the skin to help relax the muscles as well as boosting sexual satisfaction. Nuru massage goes beyond the erotic, as it boasts a plethora of health benefits related to stress relief, muscle relaxation, and skin exfoliation. Different massage spa centres near me and across Mumbai offer this type of service, but ours is exceptional. . Our beautiful masseuses understand what they have to do to get you excited, and they are experts on both the female and male anatomy.
What should you expect to experience during the Nuru massage?
A naked gorgeous female rubs oil all over and uses the pressure of her naked body to massage all the kinks and knots, creating orgasmic energy that’s capable of producing tantric pleasure. Some of the massage spa centre near me are conservative about the services they offer, but not us. Our naked masseuse mounts the client while spreading a thick, gel-like lubricant, generating tantric pleasure and relaxation. It’s an upgrade from the body to body massage service.
We also go beyond the traditional massage and offer a range of services that are both professional and discreet. We do everything in our power to guarantee that you experience a tranquil state of ecstasy and pleasure while retaining your privacy.
We are able to arrange for your masseuse to wear something special to fulfill your deepest fantasies.



Sandwich massage is one of the most relaxing massages and it is quite popular in spas near me across Mumbai. It is known as the “four hands massage” because four hands are usually available to work the client's body. Not many massage spa centres near me offer this privileged service. It consists of two female massage experts using the body of the client as a canvas and they run their hands with varying speeds and pressures, leaving the client in a blissful state once the massage is over. It’s an interesting massage service, deeply satisfying and daring.
If you are looking forward to getting this massage for yourself, you should book an appointment today. Our spa services are specially designed to keep our customers happy.
Our females are skilled, coordinated and well behaved. They easily understand your needs and they work accordingly to give you complete satisfaction. Two gorgeous masseuses will be assigned to focus on one body (your body). The duo massage is a service that everyone needs to check out. A trial will convince you.



Sensual-touch massage uses intense and deep massage techniques for clients erotic massage, but the happy ending porn styles makes it more enticing and arousing.
Our beautiful female experts uses body parts to trace the contours of client’s tender areas. Soft touching arouses our clients and allows movement from area to area more fluidly.
From nude massage, body to body, four-handed massage to porn strokes, your experience is completely personalized. If that isn’t enough, our team of female massagers are always open and accepting about your needs. If you have a specific request, simply talk to our girls about it.
Amy body massage is reputable in business and offers competitive rates, superior suites, and the most stunning hostess, all fully-trained to know exactly the best spots to hit to ensure client's satisfaction.



An erotic massage is a unique body to body work therapy with natural essential oils designed to stimulate sexual desire as well as minimize stress level.
Our masseuses are trained in the art of erotic massage and they understand sexual response, and deliver an uplifting experience that will leave you on top of the world!
There's no denying the fact that we offer the best of services and so we deemed it necessary to highlight a few benefits.
The main benefit of an erotic massage is its stress-relieving qualities. An erotic massage is an efficient way of producing dopamine and serotonin, two endorphins that naturally relieve stress.
Erectile dysfunction is a problem that looms over many men. Unbeknownst to most men, who struggle to maintain erections, erotic massages can help!
Our girls perform different types of erotic massages, including a prostate massage, a massage that stimulates the most sexual and sacred spot of a man. Some massage spa centre near me don't have such exclusive services. Studies show that men who receive a prostate massage experience erectile improvement! You should book us now!

body massage in mumbai zone
body massage in mumbai zone


Body-soul contact massage is when instead of strong, muscle-relaxing moves, the masseuse uses soft, gentle touches with specific maneuvers over the entire body that work on rebalancing the energy channels and prepare the recipient for the next phase of conscious touch.
Our girls have been entrusted to provide the service of massage for healing and prevention, guaranteeing a special experience for our clients. They are especially skilled at caressing your soul. It’s an ideal choice for those who need to find their inner self that gets buried deep down during stressful days and also those who seem to have low libidos. The massage doesn't often end with sex, except on client demand. Certainly, our girls can help you to regain your sexual desire through this special massage technique. If you have the need for sex, you can be rest assured that the masseuse by your side will oblige you. Of course all work is private and confidential.

body massage in mumbai zone


Perhaps you have been thinking about how to balance professionalism with sensuality. You've been thinking if it's possible to have both. You desire to have the best therapy with a spice of erotica. Think no more! Our body massage place has answers to your questions.
The massage spa centres near me have glamorous females but the females who work in my spa centre are fully trained in full-body massage and blend classic techniques with a sprinkle of sensual magic. They help you to benefit from the traditional massage and erotic massage in equal measure.
Our experienced masseuses adhere to professional standards and provide an unforgettable experience. They are highly skilled at balancing traditional and erotic massages, and can also customize the massage therapy as per your needs. Get in touch with our lovely ladies today and enjoy to the fullest.
We provide a wide range of discrete services that are sure to please you and give your optimum satisfaction.

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In spas near me across Mumbai, nude reverse massage is a service that is growing in popularity. You might have seen the service listed at an erotic massage parlor and wondered what it is exactly and what you should expect. Please note that our massage parlor delivers this kind of service too and this is to give you a guide to decide if nude reverse massage is something you would like to experience on your next visit. I can't speak for the spa centres near me and I'm not being boastful but the fact remains that we are the best.
During a nude reverse massage, our beautiful hostess is totally nude, and once your uplifting massage experience is over, you can use your hands to perform a sensual massage on the hostess if you want.
Assuredly, you will enjoy an unforgettable sensual massage delivered by one of our hostesses fully trained in the art of erotic massage and then swap positions and let your hands caress every part of her body. It is physical and exciting and sex could happen, if agreed upon.
After you’ve picked and booked a session with your ideal hostess and your choice of suite, you will have time to talk to your hostess before the nude reverse massage begins. Here, you can relay some of your likes and dislikes, and the hostess will explain which body areas you are allowed to touch.
The massage will begin with a deep full-body to body massage, which relieves muscle tension. Once suitably relaxed, the hostess will start to work erogenous areas until you reach a euphoric state. But that’s not the end; you can choose to give some pleasure as you reverse roles.
The gorgeous hostesses at our body massage are incredibly professional, clean and capable of handling all of your deepest desires. Let us know your personal preferences, and we’ll be more than happy to accommodate!