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This place where many and many comets enjoy the divine feel of massage, this massage center in mumbai is considered the most trustworthy and genuine massage parlor. It is considered as one of the sanctuaries for our valid customers to gather and relax, enjoy, experience and rejuvenate their daily needs and to quench their bodies with full fun and pleasure paly.

Amy body massage center in mumbai


In this current situation and in the modern mechanized world every individual feels hectic and tired of their routine and boring lifestyle and in remedy to that we, one of the best massage center in mumbai prepare and populate our self with latest technology and trains with current techniques to meet our customer demands. Even though there are several mushroom type spas that comes and goes we can withstand the demand and market needs. In that way, we are ranked with genuinity, Hygiene, Customer satisfaction, advanced technology, and new trends.

Massage is an art and in this amy spa and massage center, we play that with good skill and perfection, yes massaging one’s body is a way of cleansing the body and creating a happy feel to our brain and that can be achieved through step by step successful and co-relating course. We provide body to body massage, male to female massage, dry massage, powder massage, shower massage and many more as our client needs.

So to enjoy all that you have understood and imagined after reading this do subscribe and book now to have a wonderful and lively feel or click now to contact our customer relation and you can connect directly to our masseuse to interact and to chat for more clarity and needed services.

Our beautifully designed amy spa is most concerned with five basic world elements which is the basis of every living and non-living matters and so we provide a good median service with fresh air, aromatic oil and herbal water, warmth masseuse open space ayurvedic treatment and totally comfort beds for comfort relaxation

Our basic motto and the golden rule are to attain the full trust of our valuable customer by delivering complete satisfaction from the beginning till the end of each service and so we are a success even many competes. Normally in this mumbai culture and fast-growing city many of the massage centers open just for namesake and since they understood there is a huge demand and need for this service, many spa centers and body therapy forum started and through this mode, they hide many factors like package price, Masseuse involve in therapy, materials that used for therapy and safety for the clients but we maintain good transparency between our self and our clients.

Whenever any client login to our page it is noticeable that the slab rate of the service will remain same for month and years but in other spa and therapy centers they have hidden rates like separate tag for massage type separate rate for materials used, the separate rate for rooms and additional charges for bathing and cleaning.

In this massage center in mumbai, we post the genuine picture of every masseuse so that our clients can choose and pick according to their tastes and likes but other spa does photoshop, post very old profile pictures and even fake pictures just to attract clients towards them.

By understanding the lack of awareness among clients and growing demands for massage therapy in mumbai most of the spa centers uses unhygienic and unsafe products on the clients, as per WHO norms it is punishable and can even be penalized for such practice because the use of non-recommended product on human body will cause serious damage and health issues, even it can harm internal organs since during massage apart from outer layer of skin our body absorbs all the chemicals and minerals present in the oil or any lubricants that applied take special care and by not abiding any rules all the oil and materials used in our spa is 100% genuine and natural and we guarantee complete recovery with no side effect and harmless for our customer’s at every massage on every single experience.

Since massage is a course to cleanse then activate and then the rejuvenating system we take special care from the initial level because our body skin opens its pores to observe all the minerals and medicinal values when it is rubbed and warmed and in continuation, it will mix into our body bloodstream and carried all over our body. In this play, the genetic pressure is applied which will be an exercise to our muscles and fixes the tendons.

This exercise allows to expand our nerves and veins in which the blood flow will be speedy and more and so when it reaches our heart it will be supplied all over the body where the energy supply,
recovery and repair process and rejuvenation happens and as well as a end result our brain feels relaxed and happy since the pain and stress is relieved all out of our body which gives a good feel and aathmic relaxation.

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